Photography 2

IMG_6983eIf we are not out on ‘photoshoots’, our usual monthly meetings consist of sharing a few photos on a previously chosen theme, and theoretically giving each other constructive criticism. Unfortunately, we are all too nice to one another and no good at showing any negative reactions and so our improvement is not as rapid as it might otherwise be. However, it certainly makes for a very happy group! Sometimes one (or more) of our members will share their knowledge on a specific topic about which they are familiar or one which they have researched for our benefit.

We hope to meet with other U3A groups in the area to exchange ideas and to constructively comment on each other’s photographic work. A visit to The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in London may be arranged.

Our friendly group meets in one or other of our houses and, for this reason, the group has to be kept small so that we are all able to see a TV screen. Our cameras and experience are fairly varied but hopefully we work to improve our skills and enjoy the friendly support.

Photography 3

We have decided on subjects for each of our meetings, planned at the start of the year. We critique each other’s photos, and hope to learn from the comments how we might best improve our photos. Hopefully, the subjects are out of our comfort zone, and we have to interpret them in our own way. This has produced some interesting shots.

Computer Group – Mac Users 1 and iPad

These are new groups currently forming.

Computer Group – Mac Users 2

We meet monthly and aim2 to allow members to get the most out of their Mac computer. We’re a very much a mixed ability group with everyone giving and receiving something worthwhile.


Banded Demoiselle 001 e (Dawn Balmer) (A)The Group looks at different aspects of both physical and biological sciences the way they can impact on our lives.