THAMESIDE (WALLINGFORD) U3A is one of the UK’s branches of the University of the Third Age (U3A) and is located in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. It is an active and enthusiastic organisation that was formed in 1997 and has since attracted over 400 lively, friendly and enthusiastic new members. As with other local U3As, the members are residents of the area who are no longer in full-time work, but wish to remain active and continue to learn during their retirement years.

Speaker Meetings at which an outside speaker addresses an audience of U3A members at the Baptist Church, Wallingford, at 2.00pm on the third Wednesday each month.

Coffee Mornings held on the first Friday in each month, at Centre 70, Goldsmiths Lane, Wallingford, to allow members to socialise and exchange ideas.

DSCN1692bSpecial Interest  Groups are an integral part of U3A activities and Thameside (Wallingford) U3A has some 30  such Groups. Members organise their own interest groups and pursue whatever studies or activities they choose. Studying without exams! The study groups (arts, sciences, languages, books etc.) meet in private homes and organise their own activities, outings or talks, whilst other groups meet to walk, study nature or practise creative arts.

Our Newsletter is sent to all U3A Thameside (Wallingford) Members each month with news and information on U3A activities, including the Interest Groups. Copies are also available from the Members Only section of this website.


U3A MEMBERS are people who are interested and enthusiastic about something, anything, everything … so they get together with fellow enthusiasts to talk about it, do it, learn more about it.


If you are not in full time employment, why not join us. IT COSTS JUST £12.50 PER YEAR to be a member and you can then join as many of the activities as you want.

If you’d like to join, contact us here. Read our privacy policy.

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