Singing for Fun

Singing for Fun is held on alternate Friday afternoons from 2-3 p.m. in the Baptist Church. Between 18-30 people turn up to sing purely for enjoyment.  Everyone is welcome, and the ability to read music is not essential. Michael Howell leads the sessions, chooses the music, writes harmonies, and plays the piano for us. There is a charge of £20.00, payable in advance, which covers eight sessions.

Jan Menzies 24/01/2018

Classical Music Appreciation (Group 1)

We are a small group which shares one passion – the love of classical music.
We meet at 2pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month in one another’s homes.
A member chooses which music to play and our interests are very diverse.  For example we enjoy Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th century works .We appreciate a wide range of music, be it orchestral, concertos, quartets or ensembles, opera, choral, recitals and much more.

Mike Sedman 24/01/2018

Classical Music Appreciation (Group 2)

This music group enjoys a lot of conversation with their music.  The next meeting is planned at the current meeting so that all members can be prepared to contribute to that meeting.  We prefer to listed to complete works and these have included Vaughan Williams 4th Symphony, Henry Purcell and Benjamin Brittain, plus many others.

John Cozens 24/01/2018

Music (Broader)

Our meetings are rather like a delicious box of chocolates! We recognise the box – knowing the presenters and their homes; but will it be orange jelly or hard toffee centre? That’s how varied our afternoons can be! When preparing a programme with such an incredible selection of music from which to choose, the challenge is – ‘What do I leave out’?

There is need for a second group.  Why not join us and form one.  Lots of help will be given.

Val Wolsey 24/01/2018