Speaker Meeting, Liz Woolley – Child Labour in 19th Century Oxfordshire @ Baptist Hall, Wallingford
Sep 19 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

19 September 18  Liz Woolley – Child labour in 19th Century Oxfordshire

Liz Woolley is already very well-known to us for her informative and lively talks which cover many aspects of the life of ordinary people in 19th and 20th century Oxfordshire. In this talk she will shine a spotlight on a particularly murky side of Victorian England and no doubt make us marvel again at how much society has changed since those days. In this case for the better!

RAF Cosford – Outing @ RAF Cosford
Oct 23 @ 7:45 am

Visit to RAF Cosford – Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Come and see the huge array of aircraft and displays at Cosford.  Our visit will take in the Wartime Hangars and the National Cold War Exhibition.  We will be welcomed with refreshments on arrival in the Visitor Centre – a glass fronted building with views over the airfield.

In the Test Flight experience the research and development collection includes an aircraft made from stainless steel.  Here, you will find Fun ‘n’ Flight the hands-on interactive gallery and the Black Hawk flight simulator.  Beyond Test Flight is the War in the Air collection with classics in aviation history.  Photograph the world’s oldest Spitfire and view rare German and Japanese aircraft. Some of the most interesting exhibits are the aircraft from the Cold War, including, of course, the V‑bombers

The National Cold War Exhibition tells the story of the Cold War including social and cultural perspectives.  The interactive hotspots and kiosks pick out key aspects of the era including the Space Race and Cuban Missile Crisis.  Here there is time for a drink at the Refuel Citroen Van before browsing in the Souvenir Shop.

Hangar 1 is home to the transport and training collection and many engines and missiles.  There is a temporary exhibition gallery and art gallery with works for sale from the Guild of Aviation Artists.

A two hour conducted tour by experienced guides is included in our visit. Afterwards. there will be time to catch up with any exhibits that you wish to examine more closely. Or perhaps take wing on the flight simulator.

Picnic facilities are available as well as a cafe with a good range of lunchtime food.

Depart from Wallingford Museum at 0745 and Crowmarsh at 0755
We have a two hour journey to Cosford, which will include a short comfort stop.

COST: £21.00 per person including coach, gratuity, coffee on arrival and guided tour.

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