There are groups for all abilities.


We reckon to do a walk of between five and six miles at a moderate pace on the third Thursday in the month starting from and finishing at a local pub for lunch!

Details of the walks are emailed to members of the group about two weeks in advance.  Most of the venues are within a 15-mile radius of Wallingford, so easily reached by car.  There is a reasonable mix of hilly and flat walks throughout the year.

Shorter Walking

shorter-walking-2016This group is popular among walkers who enjoy a walk of around three to five miles at a gentle pace without difficult terrain and with time to look around. It is a friendly group and usually has a drink together in a pub or cafe at the end of the walk. We are constantly looking for new members to join our merry band and, if you eventually feel able to do so, to lead us on one of our outings. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month, usually at 10.00 am in Wallingford Market Place. Details of the walk are confirmed to members a few days beforehand. Please email Yvonne Griffiths if you would like to join us.

Moderate and Longer WalkingU3ALonger walk15-10 (3)

In the Longer Walking Group we tend to walk 8 to 10 miles at a good pace and get back by mid-afternoon. We take a packed lunch except for our Christmas walk when we can’t resist The Bell at Aldworth. The Moderate Walking Groups, 1 and 2, do 6 – 7½ miles and go slightly slower getting back about late lunchtime so either we go home or if near a pub some of us stay for lunch and/or a drink, which is most convivial!

Watlington via Cookley Green and Swyncombe

We reach the start of the walk by bus or by car-sharing. We take it in turns to lead. The terrain (and weather) is varied, a few gentle hills, mud or rain, or even all three! But we enjoy magnificent scenery in our beautiful countryside.

We’re a happy bunch and enjoy each other’s company, and the walks have proved so popular that unfortunately two of the groups are currently full. But do join us in the new group Moderate 2, 1st Tuesday of each month. We expect members to walk at least six times a year so that we get to know each other.

Three seasons done. The intrepid Longer Walkers now await that elusive Mediterranean summer when they will be able to cast aside the anoraks and wet weather gear, don their panamas and factor-50 sun cream.  Why not come and join us.