The Monthly Speakers’ Meeting takes place on the third Wednesday of each month at 2.00pm in the Baptist Church, Thames Street, OX10 0BH, and is open to all Members of the branch and to potential new members wishing to find out more. Members are addressed by an invited speaker (see below), and this is followed by tea, coffee and biscuits.  There is no charge. The talks are usually excellent and it’s a good chance to see friends old and new.

Speakers Programme 2018

Please note there may be changes from the published programme of Speaker Meetings

Wednesday 17 January – Printing: The Future by Sabina Gonzalez-George

3D printing is one of the more recent technologies which is currently revolutionising production processes. Also known as additive manufacturing it refers to the creation of a 3D object by building up layers of material to create the object under computer control. The process has been called the beginning of the third industrial revolution, succeeding the production line assembly which began in the late 19th century. It even has potential for the creation of prosthetic limbs and is transforming medicine. Our talk will explain how this process works and its potential and will finish with a demonstration.

Wednesday 21 February – The Healing Power of Plants by Timothy Walker

Timothy Walker is both a practical and an academic botanist having studied botany at Oxford University but also having trained as a gardener in various leading gardens. He has held the post of Hortus Praefecti in charge of the Harcourt Arboretum and Oxford Botanic Garden. In this talk he aims to show that plant products are used everyday by all of us to relieve pain and suffering through healing wounds and diseases. Who knows what medical secrets your garden holds?

Wednesday 21 March – The Secret Life of Country Houses by Julie Summers

One of your favourite speakers, Julie Summers, returns to Wallingford with  her latest book “The  Secret Life of Country Houses”. This will be Julie’s 7th visit to us, and with such an  intriguing subject, it will be a very popular meeting.

Wednesday 18 April  – Children’s Book Illustrations by John Ericson

Images from our childhood are often deeply etched in our memories. In addition to a wide range of examples John will examine how illustrations contribute to the development of understanding and how the interaction of image and narrative creates such powerful memories.