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In May 2018 at the AGM Sheila Findlay and Maureen LeJeune stepped down from the committee.

Sheila is a founder member and has given 20 years of service as our Treasurer.  She has seen our membership climb from approximately 100 at the end of 1998 to over 450 today.  Not only has she been an ardent custodian of our funds but she has always taken a very active role in the events and activities of our group.

Currently Sheila is, and hopes to remain, a member of the Current Affairs Group and is Convenor to Book Group 3.

Sheila is also active in a flourishing Bridge Group and Computer 1 which now no longer runs as we all now know everything

Not least of her contributions to the life of our group is that Sheila has always been most generous in sharing her home and riverside garden for the pleasure of us all.  Every year she hosts the garden party.  She is also our regular and welcoming host for our Co-ordinators’ Evening.  Anyone who has attended either of these events will easily appreciate how much she contributes to our group.  Sheila has also allowed your committee to invade her house, drink her tea and coffee and eat her biscuits regularly. We have also enjoyed a sip of wine

Maureen joined the group 15 years ago at a coffee morning.  A year later she became Groups Co-ordinator which she describes as “all paper and phone calls”.  Around that time there were about 20 groups.  Through her hard work and her personal touch she has increased these to over 40!

Maureen has had to contend with groups coming and going, keeping in touch with convenors and, most difficult of all, getting interested members together to form a new group and then getting those members to agree on a commonly convenient day to hold the interest group.

Maureen has always seen the importance of personal contact with members and spends many hours on the telephone either trying to get hold of members or discussing future arrangements.  Her hard work is much appreciated but, as usual, we probably have not shown that appreciation enough.

Thank you both for all your hard work.  Your presence on the committee will be missed.  To both these ladies we wish them a more relaxing life in the future enabling them the time to enjoy what they have helped to build for others.

HB 26 May 2018


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