Writing for Pleasure

The name of the creative writing group – Writing for Pleasure – was chosen to reflect members’ interest in writing for their own amusement rather than with any desire to see their efforts in print.

We identify a choice topics for each month and members bring their completed piece to read to the group at the meeting. Unless we have decided to set ourselves a particular challenge, writing may always be prose or poetry, fiction or fact: the topic ideas are just there to provide a starting point for individual interpretation.

We don’t offer criticism of each other’s work, but we do give feedback on what we enjoyed and what we thought worked well. We limit ourselves to no more than 800 words so that everyone has a fair chance to read their work.

Carolyn Newbert  24/01/2018

Play Reading

This is an informal enthusiastic group that enjoys reading a wide variety of plays which over the years has ranged from Shakespeare, Ibsen, Shaw through to Ayckbourn, Hare, Stoppard and Bennett, including those of Coward through to Neil Simon, Ira Levin and Sue Townsend.

The group is fortunate to be able to use the Curtis Room of the Corn Exchange Wallingford in which to meet, to whom we offer heartfelt thanks.

PD 24/01/2017

Book Groups 1, 2 and 4

Our book groups continue to grow and multiply.  They all meet in members’ homes, hence the limitation on numbers.  However, there always seems to be someone ready to start up another.

Each group has its own character, method and range in book lists.  They all read a set book for the month then love to meet and discuss the story, characters and underlying plots.

If you enjoy reading but wish you could talk more about your opinions then our reading groups are the place for you.  If you wished to start your own we can give you advice and plenty of support.

Book Group 3

Our group has been running for over 10 years with a hard core of the first members still remaining.  We read many different types of books and enjoy the variety.

Poetry Reading

This group has been running successfully since January 2017.  We read a good mix of poetry chosen by our members.  We are a small group because we meet in our members’ homes and therefore are currently full.  However, if you have an interest please consider putting your name on a waiting list.

HB 24/01/2018