French Conversation

Eiffel Tower

We are lucky enough to have two French conversation groups.
French Conversation  meets every second Thursday morning in the month, taking it in turns to host.
French Conversation 2 meets the 3rd Tuesday at  2.00 pm at the Co-ordinator’s house.  This group is currently full.
French Conversation 1 has a regular core of members who are keen to participate and with the help of the dictionary, laptop information and each other we speak in French throughout the sessions.
Generally individuals present something of interest which we then discuss, in this way everyone has the chance to be involved   Many of the group travel throughout the year and we have the chance to sample some edible treats and hear about their adventure.  We are always looking forward to finding out more about France, current affairs and sharing our own personal experiences.  Our main aim is to improve our spoken French, to communicate effectively.
If you would like to join us do contact the group co-ordinator.
Janet Franklin/Felicity Freeman 24/01/2018


During our sessions we try to include a mixture of grammar, conversation and reading about different regions of Spain to meet the varying objectives and are fortunate to have a native Spanish speaker to help with pronunciation.

Looking back we find we have made some progress with our understanding of the language. I hope we shall be able to increase our ability to understand the spoken word!

We meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month with thanks to those with suitable rooms taking it in turns to host.

FW 24/01/2017

Latin for Pleasure: Our two Latin groups are intended for those who have already learned some Latin at school and would like to take it up again as an enjoyable challenge.

Latin for Pleasure 1 is less advanced and meets on fourth Wednesdays (2.30pm) to study Lingva Latina: Pars I, Familia Romana, a no-English textbook that teaches by example. Each chapter deals with an episode in the life of a Roman family and these are so interesting and informative that we plan to work through this book again for our revision sessions on second Mondays (2.30pm): so if you want to get back to Latin, now is the time to start!

Latin for Pleasure 2 meets on third Wednesdays (10.00am) and caters for those who already have a good grasp of Latin grammar. This group is working through the Oxford Latin Reader and is currently enjoying Livy’s description of Hannibal crossing the Alps with his elephants. Both groups would welcome new members: it doesn’t matter if your Latin is rusty as we can bring you up to speed. Why not give us a try?

JS/RM   24/01/2017