The Group plays all year round on a new purpose-designed playing terrain, funded and built by the Sports Park’s Associate club, Petanque Wallingford.

The club has set up a full programme of social and competition events, with Tuesday mornings becoming one of its regular weekly social play fixtures. U3A members are welcomed, paying a £2 ‘green fee’ each time.   Moving from this arrangement to annual membership of the club is very much encouraged; joining the club brings many other opportunities to play. The terrain is available to members for play at any time.

HB 24/01/2017


Cynth very pleased with her high scoring hand

Cynth very pleased with her high scoring hand (temporary photo)

We welcome experienced players or those who have rusty memories of the game or those who simply wish to learn.  We continue to be at different stages and are all competitive but most of all we have fun. Besides playing Cribbage we have a meal out together twice a year which is always a very merry occasion. We take turns at hosting and therefore we cannot accommodate more than two card tables so cannot take a lot of members. However if enough people want to learn or play members of the existing group are willing to start another group who, once taught, would continue as a separate group under their own steam.

HB 24/01/2017


Water RailThe Birdwatching group is very friendly and is aimed at those who have some experience of Birdwatching. Our annual programme included a mixture of fairly local half-day trips, whole day visits to further flung sites and a two-day trip which, in May 2016 was to the New Forest.  We have an interesting range of visits and have taken in College Lake near Tring, Blashford Lakes, the starling murmuration at Otmoor, Dinton Pastures where we did some birding followed by a lovely Christmas lunch at the Wheelwright’s Arms and Slimbridge. Forthcoming visits include the nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham, the London Wetland Centre at Barnes, Brandon Marsh near Coventry, a 3 day trip to North Norfolk and Little Marlow gravel pits.

Each established member takes responsibility for organising one of these trips and this system works well. Visits follow a very civilised format in that we all meet for coffee before starting our birding and then adjourn for lunch to a suitable venue before continuing our birding. Car-sharing works well and the group is very friendly and informal.

Rosemary Garner  24/01/2017


A group of keen cardplayers thought it was time to teach themselves a new game.  A pin was stuck in the index of a book of card games and up sprang Euchre – a whist-based game with bowers, bennys and shiftshapers!  We meet in Catherine’s Tea Shop in Wallingford for the cost of a cup of tea and a cake.

Hilly Bailey 22/10/2017

Bridge (intermediate)

A new bridge group has been formed to suit intermediate players.  This is a very new group and is looking for new members.  It is hoped, but not definite, that a beginners group can also be started.

Hilly Bailey 22/10/2017