Seminar Group

Our group continues to be active and interesting despite losing one or two members. We have space and would welcome new members so we can continue to thrive.  As our name suggests, each meeting is taken by one of our members with a chosen topic which they lead. Meetings are without fail interesting and thought provoking. We find we always learn so much from our talks. This is because our members continue to provide a wide range of topics to enliven our enquiring minds. Discussion is lively and good hearted while we share a cup of tea.

Examples of topics taken are Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Kate Adie, and the life of Beethoven. We had an illustrated talk on lives of Victorian Women. We were taken through the lives of an aristocratic family and a visiting speaker talked about her experiences teaching less able children. We learned about the life of and appreciated the music of Benjamin Britten. We have paid a visit to the Ashmolean to view the Cezanne and the Modern exhibition from the Perlman collection.. This was followed up with an illustrated talk given by one of our members on Cezanne.

MB 30/04/2019

Current Affairs 1

Current Affairs Group 1 comprises members who have a lively interest in politics and current affairs and want a group within which they can discuss and debate topics, sometimes quite robustly.  Respect is given to all opinions and no judgement is made.  The current group has members of many political colours which add to the energy of debate.  The only ask of members is that they throw themselves fully into the fray. The verbal energy drops at 5 o’clock when the tea and biscuits arrive.

MB 30/04/2019

Current Affairs 2

Current affairs group 2 is for members who wish to discuss and debate subjects and issues currently in the ‘news’. Sometimes a member leads the discussion having done some research, other times we pitch in with a ‘burning’ issue. Discussions are always interesting with varied views, opinions and ideas. We meet on the first Monday of the month

MB 30/04/2019


The psychology group is currently not offered.  However, we are always open to an interested member or prospective member restarting it.  Our Interest Group Co-ordinator will help you do this.

HB  24/01/2018