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August Garden Party After several days of weather-watching the day of the garden party broke fine and dry. Between 2.00 and 2.30 most of our approximately 75 guests arrived and found their seats.  Expressions of surprise and welcome were given for the proffered glass of fizz in recognition of our 20th year. 

As usual the buffet tables groaned under the weight of sandwiches, quiches and cakes of many types.  The chatter between friends and acquaintances increased and the good-natured queues for the food and that welcome cuppa grew.  This year the wasp population appeared to have got a tip-off and they jumped right in ahead of the guests. 

The annual and well-appreciated river trips were skippered by Sheila Findlay and greatly enjoyed by her passengers.


Annual Garden Party

Time passed all too quickly and it was time to wrap up the proceedings.  The garden quickly emptied, many volunteers stayed to help with the clear up – always appreciated and, within half an hour the garden was returned to its tranquil riverside setting.

We, the committee, hope all who came enjoyed the occasion.  It is your enjoyment that makes the hard work of the committee and all our volunteers, whom we thank immensely, worthwhile.  We hope to see you all again next year.


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